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Site Updates

Heres what's new and what's coming on the site...

In the near future - Nicknames, This Day in Browns History, Update 47-50 w/ new "season window",Browns Chat

On Deck - Horrace Gillom

July 23 - Uploaded the Browns All Time Team, the only one where you are a part of who they are!

July 22 - Installed a basic Photo Gallery, so you can browse the pictures you see here all at once. Also added personalities John Big Dawg Thompson, Brownie the Elf, Mike Poplar, and Morrie Komo.

July 21 - Updated the news desk and articles to show off the "newspaper feel" Check out the article on Jim Brown's Retirement.

July 20 - Added 1995 Game Reviews, Browns Personalities, and the Answer Mann Contest

July 16 - Added the 20 Greatest games - View our rankings and rank them yourself!

July 15 - Added Owner Biographies

July 14 - Added complete game reviews w/ stats for 99 and 2000.

July 12 - Added the 'Stadium Section' which looks at both venues the Browns have played in, from Municipal Stadium's construction all the way to the opening game in CBS.

July 10 - Added Site Info, Site Search, Site Map, and Site Updates along with page footers on every html page.

July 9 - Added coach Biographies

July 1 - Added the original version of this site, so we could all laugh, love, and remember.

June 22 - Changed format of annual pages to dynamic season windows. 1946 was updated with this new format

June 16 - Added the career stats pages, sortable by any category.

June 4 - Installed the Browns History Trivia Quiz

June 1 - Founded the Browns History Monthly Newsletter

May 14 - Re-designed the front page.


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