20 Greatest Games

The 20 Greatest Games in Browns History

Below you will find the editor's list of the 20 greatest games in Browns History. What makes these games so great is how they made us feel inside, be it good or bad. You can rate these games yourself, by simply using the "Rate It" function at the right of each game.

20. Cleveland 51, Pittsburgh 0
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  Sept 10, 1989 - This game made the list just on the pure domination factor. Following a heart-breaking loss to the Oilers in the wild-card game the year before, everyone had high hopes for the Browns in the 1989 season. Cleveland opened that season against their biggest rivals, the Steelers, and proceeded to whoop their butts. Game review to come soon.
19. Cleveland 44, Miami Seahawks 0
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  Sept 6, 1946 - This was the first ever game for the Browns and it demonstrated the dominance that would span two decades, two leagues, and two coaches. Most of the 60,135 fans that attended the game probably didn't know that they would be witnessing the historical moment this game became. Read the Game Review Here.
18. Miami 24, Cleveland 21
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  January 4, 1986 - The Browns made the playoffs for the first time since the strike shortened 1982 season. Even with a pair of 1,000 yard rushers and rookie sensation quarterback Bernie Kosar, they came into this game as heavy underdogs. The first two and a half quarters of this game were unbeleiveably spectacular, so unbeleiveable that you just knew something was going to go wrong. Read the Game Review Here.
17. Cleveland 30, Denver 29
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  October 8, 1990 - After the Broncos beat the Browns for the 3rd time in 4 years in the AFC Championship Game, this was Cleveland's first chance to exact revenge on the pesky Denver squad. This Monday nighter was back and forth all the way until the final gun sounded, and Jerry Kauric became a Cleveland hero (although only for just one week). Game review to come soon.
16. Cleveland 30, Cincinnati 27
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  October 11, 1970 - This game marked the return of legendary coach and founder Paul Brown. Art Modell had fired Brown after the 1962 season, and Brown was subsequently elected to the Hall of Fame. Brown then went on to found the Bengals, becoming part owner and coach, much the same way he did with the Browns. This game was hyped the match between teacher (Brown) and student (Blanton Collier). The game lived up to it's billing, and turned out to be one of the great regular season contests since the merger. Read the Game Review Here.
15. Cleveland 21, New Orleans 16
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  October 31, 1999 - The NFL return of the Browns saw many fans hoping for a 7-9 record for their comeback campaign. But my mid-season, these hopes were dashed, as Clevelanders just hoped that the hometown boys would win a game. Things were not looking good for them coming into week 8 of that season, but Tim Couch's Hail Mary bomb with the clock reading triple-zero changed all of that. This would have been the best game in history if it would have happened against the Steelers in week one. Read the Game Review Here.
14. Cleveland 23, Pittsburgh 20
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  September 17, 2000 - This game made the list for three reasons. First, it was the first win ever for the team at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Secondly, it put the Browns at 2-1 for the season, and gave a glimour of hope for a playoff year. And third, it was one helluva game that came down a last second goal line stand by the Cleveland defense. Game review to come soon.
13. Cleveland 30, Los Angeles 28
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  December 24, 1950 - This was the very first NFL Championship for Cleveland. Most newspaper and radio analysts had the Browns pegged for an average team that dominated a poor league (the AAFC) for 4 years. Cleveland went on to tie for the division crown, beat the Giants in a playoff game, and face the team that left Cleveland for the west coast 4 years ago. For a time, it looked as if the Browns weren't going to pull it off, but all-time great QB Otto Graham led the team down the field and won the game. Read the Game Review Here.
12. Cleveland 38, Dallas 14
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  December 28, 1969 - An aging Cleveland team came into this contest as heavy underdogs against the Cowboys. This game would decide who went to the NFL title game, and ultimately, who would get a shot at Super Bowl IV. Cleveland's best years were most definately behind them, and the media said they would have to play a perfect game to outlast the Cowboys. They did, and provided fans with one last championship memory. Read the Game Review Here.
11. Cleveland 42, Chicago 21
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  This first regular season meeting ever between the two clubs wouldn't seem like it was very memorable, but what made this game so great was the fact that Dub Jones, a speedy little halfback/receiver, tied the NFL record for most touchdowns in one game. Fans watching this game distinctly remember hoping that he would get one more touch, first to tie, then to break that record. It was a game watched from the edge of the Lazy Boy, when you weren't on your feet. That's why it made our list. Read the Game Review Here.
10. Cleveland 28, New York 28
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  November 23, 1947 - The Browns had a heated rivalry with the Yankees of the AAFC in the '40s. Cleveland always seemed to outlast them, though. Going into this game, the Browns were riding a 5 game winning streak, and the Yanks were just a step behind with a 9-2 overall record. This game proved to be perhaps the greatest comeback in Browns history as they were down 28-7 midway through the 3rd. Read how Otto Graham brought them back, and how the tying TD almost didn't matter anyway.
9. Cleveland 49, Buffalo 7
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  December 19, 1948 - The Browns were attempting to do what no other pro football team ever had; go through an entire regular season undefeated and win the championship game. Chicago had gone loss-less twice before, but lost the crowning game both times. Cleveland came into this game with a 23 game unbeaten streak, and although this blowout happened exactly as planned, it continues to be a great game because of the history surrounding it. Read the Game Review Here.
8. Cleveland 56, Detroit 10
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  December 27, 1954 - For the previous two years, Detriot had handed the Browns thier hat in the NFL title game. But in 1954, Cleveland would exact some revenge and in a big way. This game was special because it was to be Otto Graham's last (even though he came back in '56). Read the Game Review Here.
7. Denver 23, Cleveland 20
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  January 11, 1987 - This game has been regretfully rememberd as "The Drive." The Browns were as close to a Super Bowl as they have been since the 60's, and had just come off of a dramatic double-overtime playoff win versus the Jets. With just 5:11 left on the clock and the ball on the 2 yard line, John Elway drove the Broncos 98 yards for the tying score. Even though this game was a heart-breaker, the energy during the game was absolutely electric, and that's why it made our list. Read the Game Review Here.
6. Pittsburgh 43, Cleveland 0
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  September 12, 1999 - This game had been highly anticipated for 4 years. The return of the Browns to the NFL was televised nationally on ESPN Sunday Night Football. The game took place in the bran new Cleveland Browns Stadium, and fans everywhere were going nuts. This game was the fairy tale ending to a quest Clevelanders embarked on to bring the Browns back to their rightful home. If this game had a fairy tale ending of it's own, it would have definately been in the top 2 or 3. Read the Game Review Here.
5. Cleveland 8, New York 3
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  December 17, 1950 - This was the first playoff game for the under-rated Browns. New York had beaten the Browns twice during the regular season, and to the national media, was proof that the Browns really were just a better than average team at best. The Giants came to Cleveland, and the teams battled in a defensive game. A late game goal line stand, which was one of the best in NFL history, preserved a tie, and the Browns went on to victory. Read about that goal line stand, and the rest of the game here.
4. Cleveland 34, Buffalo 30
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  January 6, 1990 - In 1989, Cleveland once again had Super Bowl aspairations. The Browns made it through the regular season and found themselves hosting the Bills in a divisional playoff game. This game had all the elements of a classic. It was a back and forth high scoring playoff game that came down to the wire. The outcome remained in question with just seconds left. Read how the Browns fought off the Bills last-gasp efforts to win the game.
3. Cleveland 35, Philladelphia 10
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  September 16, 1950 - For four years, the Browns had dominated the AAFC, and for four years, they had been ridiculed nationally for playing weak opponents. When the defunct league was absorbed by the NFL for the 1950 season, the scheduling gods of the NFL pitted the 1949 champion Philladelphia Eagles hosting the upstart Browns. This was going to be the game that proved the national critics right. That wasn't to be, however, as the Browns dominated from start to finish. The historical significance and the final outcome make this game one of the greatest ever. Read the Game Review Here.
2. Cleveland 27, Baltimore 0
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  December 27, 1964 - This game makes this list so high simply because it is the only championsip that many fans remember the Browns winning, and because it's the last one they have won. The Browns totally dominated the favored Colts, and were even accused of running up the score on old Johnny U. Read the Game Review Here.
1. Cleveland 23, New York 20 (2OT)
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  January 3, 1987 - Is there any other, really? This was by far and away the best ever. C'mon, a double-over time playoff game where the good guys battle back from 10 down late in the 4th? Everything from broadcaster Doug Deiken saying "...If you left thinking it was over, you'd better turn around!" to Mark Gasteneau's game saving roughing penalty, this game had destiny written all over it. It was one like none other, and has withstood the test of time, remaining the best ever after 15 years. Read the Game Review Here.
Honorable Mentions, in no particular order:
"The Fumble" "Red Right 88"
1946 Championship 1948 Championship
First Monday Night Game Turkey Jones and Dave Mays
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