The All Time Browns Team

The All Time Browns Team

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Explaination of Points:

This is a composition of a bunch of Browns All time teams rolled into one. Because of the rich heratige of the team, picking the single best performer is virtually impossible. The following rating system allows for a "meeting of the minds" of sorts, and provides YOU the opportunity to have some input. Click the names on the left to see who they picked.

Explaination Below

Rating: Points Given:
Browns All Time team as Rated by the fans, in 1981 10
Frank D. Mann's Pick 15
Author Russell Schneider 7
Author John Keim 7
You the user (fill out form below) 5
Being a member of the Hall of Fame 4
Being 1 of the 300 Greatest all time as rated by Total Football II 2
Being 1 of the Browns 50 Greatest, as rated by Total Browns 1


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Explaination of ratings:
What we tried to accomplish was to compile one solid listing of a Browns All Time Team. This is nearly impossible to do for one individual due to the simple fact that there were too many great Browns players throughout history. We have come up with a uniquie rating system, that takes in many different versions of the "All Time Team". Fist of all, we awarded Frank D. Mann 15 points, because he is, after all, our boss, and this site should reflect his views. Secondly, we awarded 10 points to the vote of the fans, that was done in and around the Cleveland area in the early 1980's. We only gave 10 because this vote was done 20 years ago, and doesn't take into account the players since 1981, such as Ozzie Newsome. Next, we gave 7 points each to John Keim and Russell Schneider, who published their views in their respective books. We feel that since they published their lists, they must have done some research as to why the picked the players they did. Next, we will give 5 points to each fan that votes on this site. This is because we feel that the game is played for us, the fans. The players that we remember (for whatever reasons they may be) must have some value. Next, we gave 4 points for Hall of Fame inductees. We figured that if the player is good enough to be one of the all time greats, he should be awarded something for it in these figures. We also gave 2 points for any Browns player named one of the 300 Greatest ever in the NFL, for much the same reasons. These 300 were selected by the editors of Total Football II, considered to be the encyclopedia for the NFL. Lastly, we gave 1 point each for players named one of the Browns 50 Greatest. These players were chosen by the editors of Total Browns (same people that edit Total Football). It is our estimation that this nomination hold less value than the NFL one, simply because players compete with the entire League.


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