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Cleveland Browns All Time Statistics

Below you will find links to the web version of a very complex statistical database. This database contains every single statistic for every single player to ever don a Browns uniform. This database is over 98% complete currently, and it is probably over 99% accurate. See the disclaimer below for further details.

Should you find errors, incomplete data, or misspelled names, please fill out a bug report, and we will get it fixed.

This database is current as of the end of the 2000 regular season.

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Statistics Disclaimer and Information:

These statistics were compiled by Frank D. Mann. All sources for this data are listed below. These statistics, although taken from official NFL sources, are by no means official. The following information was not always attainable:
--Interception return yardage for players who played only in the AAFC, and not the NFL. In these cases, the player was awarded 1 yard per interception
--Games played for players who played only in the AAFC, and not the NFL. In these cases, players were given credit for playing in each Browns game that year (14 in 1946-1948 and 12 in 1949).
--Games played for some players in 1950. For some reason, Total Football II did not include this information, even though it is NFL data. Players were given credit for playing in 12 games.
--Fumbles for all players from 1946 - 1949. The AAFC didn't keep these stats. Players are awarded with 0.
--Fumble recoveries that were NOT taken for touchdowns. This data may not exist. FR's are only listed if recovering player scored a TD on the recovery.
--Blocked Punts - This data was unattainable
--Games played for players with no other significant statistics (1999) - Still working on getting this info.
Other data not specified above is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. It is estimated that there are 115,000 different entries in this database, all done by hand. This leaves chance for mistyped information. Even though these statistics were taken from "Official" data, there is still also a chance that this data was misprinted or displayed incorrectly.
Total Football II
The Associated Press
Total Browns
NFL 2000 Record and Fact Book
Football Passer Rating Calculator (
The Professional Football Encyclopedia

You can find out more information about all of these sources by visiting this site's Credits Page.

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