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Browns All Pro Selections
The term "All Pro" was developed due to the competing professional football leagues throughout time. The old AFL's of the 20's and 30's, the AAFC of the 40's, and the AFL of the 60's produced enough high-level talent to warrent a vote on who was the best among "all of the pro's". Over time, the term stuck, and it has become known as one of the game's highest honors. The list below can be misleading. Many different organizations have voted on all-pro's over the years. I have tried to keep this list simple, but there please read the explaination below for a true understanding of what this information means. Players elected to a particular team by all major voting agencies appear in WHITE.
All Pro Selections
1st Team 2nd Team Minor Recognitions
  Dante Lavelli, Marion Motley Lou Rymkus (1), Bill Willis (1)
Otto Graham, Mac Speedie Marion Motley  
Otto Graham, Marion Motley, Mac Speedie Lou Rymkus, Bill Willis  
Otto Graham, Mac Speedie Lou Saban Lou Rymkus (1), Lou Saban (1)
Marion Motley, Mac Speedie, Bill Willis Otto Graham Tony Adamle (2), Lin Houston (2), Lou Rymkus (2),
Tony Adamle, Len Ford, Frank Gatzki, Otto Graham, Lou Groza, Dub Jones, Warren Lahr, Dante Lavelli, Bill Willis Lin Houston, Lou Rymkus, Tommy Thompson Abe Gibron (2), John Kissell (2)
Len Ford, Frank Gatzki, Otto Graham, Lou Groza, Mac Speedie, Bill Willis Warren Lahr, Tommy Thompson  
Len Ford, Frank Gatzki, Ken Gorgal, Otto Graham, Lou Groza, Dante Lavelli, Tommy Thompson, Bill Willis Abe Gibron, Chick Jagade, Warren Lahr Don Colo (2), Abe Gibron (1)
Len Ford, Otto Graham, Lou Groza Tom Catlin, Don Colo, Frank Gatzki, Abe Gibron, Warren Lahr, Mike McCormack Tommy James (2)
Don Colo, Len Ford, Frank Gatzki, Abe Gibron, Otto Graham, Lou Groza, Don Paul, Fred Morrison Bob Gain, Ken Konz, Warren Lahr, Mike McCormack, Mike McCormack (1)
  Preston Carpenter, Don Colo, Bob Gain, Lou Groza, Ken Konz Pete Brewster (2), Len Ford (2), Mike McCormack (2)
Jim Brown, Lou Groza Pete Brewster, Don Colo, Len Ford, Bob Gain, Mike McCormack, Walt Michaels, Don Paul Don Colo (1), Mike McCormack (1), Bob Gain (1)
Jim Brown Bob Gain, Mike McCormack, Walt Michaels, Don Paul, Jim Ray Smith Don Colo (2), Bob Gain (1)
Jim Brown, Jim Ray Smith Mike McCormack, Walt Michaels Bill Howton (2), Walt Michaels (1), Bobby Mitchell (2), Ray Renfro (2)
Jim Brown, Jim Ray Smith Bob Gain (tie), Mike McCormack, Walt Michaels, Milt Plum  
Jim Brown, Jim Ray Smith Bob Gain, Mike McCormack  
  Jim Brown, Galen Fiss, Bob Gain, Jim Ray Smith Bill Glass (2), Mike McCormack (2), Jim Ray Smith (1)
Jim Brown, Dick Schafrath Bob Gain, Bill Glass  
Jim Brown, Dick Schafrath Bernie Parrish Gene Hickerson (2), Paul Warfield (1)
Jim Brown, Gary Collins, Jim Houston, Dick Schafrath Bill Glass, Gene Hickerson, John Morrow  
Leroy Kelly, John Wooten Gary Collins, Ross Fichtner Gene Hickerson (1)
Gene Hickerson, Leroy Kelly    
Gene Hickerson, Leroy Kelly, Paul Warfield (NFL) Ben Davis (NFL), Bill Nelsen (NFL) Walter Johnson (2)
Gene Hickerson, Paul Warfield, Gary Collins (NFL), Leroy Kelly Jack Gregory (2), Ernie Kellerman (2), Leroy Kelly (1)
Gene Hickerson    
  Leroy Kelly Leroy Kelly (1)
    Don Cockroft (1)
    Clarence Scott (2)
Jerry Sherk    
    Greg Pruitt (2)
Thom Darden    
  Thom Darden, Ozzie Newsome, Brian Sipe Ozzie Newsome (1)

Lyle Alzado, Joe DeLamielleure, Brian Sipe

  Ozzie Newsome (2)
  Ozzie Newsome  
    Ozzie Newsome (2)
Chip Banks Joe DeLamielleure, Ozzie Newsome Tom Cousineau (2), Cody Risien (2)
Ozzie Newsome, Clay Matthews Tom Cousineau  
Bob Golic Ozzie Newsome  
Hanford Dixon   Dan Fike (2), Bob Golic (2)
Hanford Dixon, Frank Minnifield    
Frank Minnifield Hanford Dixon  
Michael Dean Perry Frank Minnifield, Webster Slaughter  
Michael Dean Perry    
Michael Dean Perry    
Michael Dean Perry    
Michael Dean Perry, Eric Metcalf    
Eric Metcalf, Eric Turner Tony Jones, Michael Dean Perry  
* - In 1968 and 1969, The Hall of Fame along with other minor agencies selected an all pro team consisting of members of the AFL and NFL. For these two years, Players not elected to the all-pro team but elected to the all NFL team have "(NFL)" after their names. All of the rest of the rules below apply as well.



Explaination of All Pro Table
This table is broken into 3 categories. They are 1st team, 2nd team and Minor Awards. 1st and second team honors are major honors, while the minor award categories are reserved for those all pro awards given by less prolific agencies. See the list below:
Major agencies include:
Minor agencies include
Pro Football Weekly
UP/UPI/International News Service
Chicago Herald America
Hall of Fame
Newspaper Enterprise Association
Pro Football Writers Association
New York Daily News
Sporting News
The number after the player's name in the minor recognition column is the team that the player was put on by that minor agency. For example, in 1980, Ozzie Newsome was voted a second team all pro by the Newspaper Enterprise Association. His name appears as "Ozzie Newsome (2)."
If a player recieved a 1st team award from the UP, and a 2nd team award from the AP, he is listed only under the first team.
If a player recieved a second team award from the AP, and a first team award from Pro Football Weekly, then he is listed as a second team all pro, and he is also noted in the minor recognition catagory as a first teamer.
If a player was voted as a first team all pro by the AP, and recieved a second team award by a minor agency, he is not listed under the minor recognition column. Only the highest award is shown.
A player's name in WHITE denotes that the player was named as a first team all pro by all of the MAJOR agencies.
In 1947, only the AP selected an all pro team, so all of the nominations for that year were considered "unanimous" for the purposes of this table.
Lastly, even though these instructions are rather confusing, this was the simplest way to display the information, and I believe that you will get an understanding of what Browns' players were considered the best in their profession at that time.


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