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Finally, the Player Biography section is underway!! These are exciting times for the Browns History Site, and I hope you enjoy the limited number of biographies available. You can also go to the complete roster section of this site and click on underlined names of players. This will take you to their biographies too. Current Bio's are listed first. You will be able to view the bio's of players "on deck" less than a month, and "soon to come" is a list of players that should be profiled after that. Have fun!!

SPECIAL NOTE: I need Biographies!!! Submet them to me using this form!! Thanks - FDM

Current Biographies:
On Deck:
Comming Soon:
Len Dawson
Horrace Gillom
Frank Gatzki
Reggie Langhorne
Dave Mays
Frank Ryan
Thom Darden
Ernest Byner
Mike Pruitt
Chip Banks
Marion Motley
Cody Risen
Doug Deiken
Clay Matthews
Lou Groza
Garry Collins
Paul Warfield
Leroy Kelly
Jim Brown
Tim Couch
Milt Plum
Don Rogers
Eric Metcalf
Mike Junkin
Ernie Davis
Don Cockroft
Bob Golic
Don Fleming
Webster Slaughter
Bobby Mitchell
Len Ford
Bill Willis
Mike Phipps
Tom Cousineau
Jerry Sherk
Dante Lavelli
Dick Ambrose


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