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I know what you are thinking....."Why is 1999 on this page??" I figured that a new start deserves a new page. If you would like to continue this story with the Baltimore Ravens, then you can go to "". As you can see, this page isn't complete yet, and it won't be for another 8 years. Let's hope it looks something like the 40's, 50's, or 60's page. Even an 80's page look-a-like would be something to be proud of. Well, here's the story so far, let's just dream the rest!


Year: 1999 AFC Central Division: 6th place Record: 2-14-0 - .125
Coach: Chris Palmer Playoff: None
Summary: The triumphant return of the Browns to the lakefront brought few bright spots. Tim Couch didn't look like a 10 year veteran, and the defense looked pretty good when they didn't have to play 45 minutes in a game. Thankfully, we got the low point of the season out of the way in a hurry, with a 43-0 shellacking by the Steelers. We did exact revenge on them, however, by stunning them 16-13 with a 3 pointer as time ran out. The first (new) franchise win came on aTim Couch desparation Hail Mary pass with no time left on the clock against the Saints found it's way into the hands of Kevin Johnson, who happened to be standing in the endzone. A late season thriller with the 13-3 Colts at the end of the season gave hope to the fans that next year would bring better things.Photo and Stats


Year: 2000 AFC Central Division: 6th place Record: 3-13-0 - .188
Coach: Chris Palmer Playoff: None

Summary: This was supposed to be the year that the Browns were going to contend for a playoff spot, much like the Jaguar and Panther expansion teams of a few years earlier. Cleveland got off to a promising 2-1 start, with a beating of Cincinatti and another last second thriller with the Steelers that the Brownies emerged victorious from. However, the team lost Eric Rhett and JuJuan Dawson in the game against the Raiders and began a seven game slide. I awoke to headlines of "Couch Potato" after a Cleveland Friday practice, and I learned that Tim Couch's season was over, much like the Browns. Lame duck Doug Peterson came in to lead the Brownies to another disappointing season and assured Cleveland of the number 3 overall draft pick in the 2001 draft. The highlight of the 1-12 finish had to have been the sandlot style of ball that the Brownies played against playoff bound Philladelphia. The Browns used 3 different quarterbacks on the first series (on purpose. Kevin Johnson threw a couple of balls and Dennis Northcutt ran out of the shotgun). The team got a standing ovation for that performance, even though it was an 11 point loss. I'm getting sick of waiting for next year!!Photo and Stats

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